About Us

As a new star in EPS machinery, we focus on EPS  Machinery innovation & automatic plant engineering. We are proud of several featured machinery, like EPS cutting line with automatic wire setting & oscillation cutting ( China No.1 for manufacturing & sale from 2012-2016), smart silo system, smart conveying system, EPS Vertical Vacuum Block Molding machine, EPS Pre-expander, EPS CNC Cutting machine with oscillation cut, etc.


The machinery have been exported to many counties, such as Canada, Basil, France, Thailand, Indonesia, Haiti, etc. With the further rapid expansion of foreign trade, we would try our best to provide high quality machinery and service to create more spacious sustained growth.


Member Company :


Zibo Youli Foamplastics Equipment Co.,Ltd


Product :

EPS Continuous Cutting Line, with following functions :

● Automatic wire setting system

● Oscillation cut system

● Wire break detection system

● Scrape recycle system

● Packing system







Jiangyin Youxin Foamplastics Equipment Co.,Ltd


Product :

● EPS Batch Pre-expander

● EPS Automatic Silo System

● EPS Vertical Vacuum Block Moulding Machine

● EPS Automatic Block Transportation system

● EPS CNC Cutting Machine with oscillation cut